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 We offer online and in-person classes that bring children closer to the plant world through our Little Seedlings program AND we offer virtual and in-person handwork courses through the early grades.  All classes are currently live and interactive through zoom!

Little Seedlings

What can be more beautiful than a child running through a forest barefoot as she discovers the natural world surrounding her? She hears the birds chirping, she feels the breeze on her skin. Something resounds deep within her being that this is where she needs to be.  She doesn’t realize the pine trees surrounding her are cleansing her lungs through each breath and that simply breathing in the forest can help with respiration congestion or respiratory infection.  Little Seedlings is a program designed to bridge the gap, helping children understand much of the herbal wisdom that can be found lying at their feet, above their heads or in their environment. At the heart of Waldorf education is the importance of spending time in nature. It seems natural to extend this wisdom into the world of plants.  Botany is learned later in the upper grades, but a light introduction to the world of plants seems not only to draw interest at a young age, but also gives them the opportunity to look at the world around them with a clearer lens at a younger agel. Through each experience we have with herbs, we grow and define our knowledge of the herbs organoleptically using all our senses.  The more times we encounter herbs, the more we gain knowledge and deepen our wisdom and capacities to learn from them. Each lesson provides a simple introduction to the herb and leaves the child with a, “feeling,’’ of the herb.  We welcome parents, and teachers to witness these bite-sized lessons with their students so they may find their own curiosities unfolding whereby a journey toward wellness begins! 


Handwork has an incredible capacity to heal the mind and spirit. Through the rhythmic process of knitting stitch by stitch we allow a creative process to unfold in a harmonious way.  Every project comes through a blending of colorways, patterns and stitches delighting us with their image.  Our minds create new neural pathways as we learn to knit or stitch and help us to think outside the box.  We learn to come back to our projects after setting them down and learn delayed gratification.  Then, upon completing a project, we find our confidence rising as we stand back in awe at the abilities of our hands. Not only is skill work wonderful at building confidence, but it also lends itself to many different facets of entrepreneurism and how to be in our ever changing world.  Give your child the tools they need to develop the mind willfully and with grace as we encourage the use of natural materials in our classes and lead them step by step into the wonderful world of handwork!  Each class is done artfully and in the manner of a Waldorf curriculum full of fingerplays, stories and Waldorf-inspired knitting projects. 🙂 Let thy hands lead the way to health and wellness!!  Our teacher, Miss Kristy is currently undergoing teacher training for Waldorf Handwork through the grades!

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